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  • Overcome bureaucracy

    What if we could create a fast lane for social innovation? Great ideas tend to get stuck in the winding corridors of the society’s bureaucratic system without even getting tested.

  • Helping small businesses to team up

    How can the city help small businesses to team up with partners to avoid public procurements?

  • Spreading the word.

    What if we could facilitate the ways that successful innovations are spreading between city’s and countries? Today there are tones of tough challenges that are solved again and again.

  • Artificial intelligence powered direct democracy

    You submit all your preferences and wishes to your own personal AI-representative, and train it with answering questions.
    Then everyones AI representatives vote for all political decisions. Making politicians obsolete.

  • Meet and greet your new locals!

    Recurring fair where refugees have a chance to share parts of their culture, skills and interests with their new towns. There could be handicrafts stands (jewellery, accessories etc.), food stands, music, arts etc. Hopefully this could help with integration to the market.

  • Discrimination Talk Venue

    This is the place for talking about the discriminations and also a place for listening about it which can be used by everyone interested. This can be used when they think they want to reduce discrimination in order to increase diversity.

  • Campfire and test

  • Go on an inspirational trip to Copenhagen

    By seeing and being inspired by how others do, we can develop together and get ideas that make our work both more fun and more efficient!

  • Screen corporate needs

    To support them further in the innovation ecosystem.

  • Having fun !!

    It's fun when you have fun! : D

  • Team Development App

    This is a team development app idea that helps everyone in any organization to share anonymous feedback to anyone after meetings or work relation. Everyone has a rank out of five stars the main idea is to increase transparency and enhance the communication between everyone!

  • 360 seger screening of public sector actors

    2. Develop a similar tool as the 360° screening but for public sector actors

  • Public innovation currency

    What if we could invent an alternative currency for public innovation? Instead of measuring the success in revenue growth we use a currency that is based on people’s happiness, environmental advantages of the innovation, engagement rate, ability to spread etc.

  • (TBD by users)

    The (?) Which can be used by change makers when organizational structures are not supportive in order to link knowledge, competence and perspectives, from policy to action.

  • Pitch & match municipality / startup

    Organize events where the municipality's employees face the problem / challenge and local start ups can present their products / services / solutions. Let them match and grow / develop together

  • Burn

    Brinn för Frontrunners

  • Visit the test bed before procurement

    Collaborate with tests and demo facilities for knowledge-building visits with contractors and public sector pls.

  • Choose what needs we will solve

    Choosing challenges to match against companies:


  • Distinktionstolk

    Främjande strategi:
    Vara medveten om de olika ’språk’ inom multi-stakeholder processer och försöka att synkron-tolka så att alla kan och vill förstå, delta och dra nyttan av det som ske.

  • Issue Tissue Box

    Can be used by employees whenever they have issues they want to raise and discuss with colleagues and managers, in order to set topics for an open dialogue fika.

  • Open Dialogie Fika Time

    Open Dialogue Fika tine

    Kan be use almost by anyone, organisations, communities, companies, schools,,government institutions, etc

    Irl meetings that allow people to get together and talk about important questions under an organized form, with certain rules as, open mind and open heart, non judgemental, respect for each other, difference between person and idea, will to be understanding and get a broader perspective to solve common complex problems.

  • Let’s get SMEs access to real LIFE

    Technology owners/developers need to better understand what problem they are solving for potential customers. And customers need to learn more about available technology.

  • Innogazer

    Identifying innovation gaps, matching facilitators with the 'problem' owner, packaging the offer.

  • Is good enough enough?

    How can we shorten time to market through implementation of early stage technologies?

  • 1. Challenge: Build infrastructure of charging posts

    Fossil-free car traffic requires green electricity in a charging pole near you, anywhere. We need to expand the network of charging poles for everyone, everywhere. Now!

  • Privacy by design

    Societal challenge: Synchronize the pace of ethical innovation, e.g. i privacy questions, in relation to technological innovation.

  • Make it to the green light - innovate civic flows

    Existing innovation: implement and cultivate innovation through nudging/ incitement

  • Article that shows the pros

    An evidence-based article for diversity in the labor market. It shows the cost for a company that doesn't think diversity. It can be used by urban planners and organizations to influence order to make society develop.

  • More diversity in Tech

    Focus groups with students and other not traditional networks
    Create meetplaces informal character to hear and listen to each other points.
    Together develop action plan where focus is on added value to have diverse tech teams.
    Broad network, employ, enjoy

  • 1 Challenge to solve: digitize Europe's train network

    Traveling by train in Europe is both complicated and expensive. It is more expensive than both air and car, but the most climate smart. Why is it not as easy as flying? It has the opportunity to be both more comfortable and efficient.

  • Beware! Facilitera nästa steg

    Främjande strategi: vara medveten om behoven stakeholders/ användare/ partners har efter ett samarbete och facilitera det som del inom uppdraget.

  • A storytelling video tool

    Making a documentary from the early stages of the project you are involved in, until visiting again some time after you have completed your task, to see its evolution. It can be used by all employees of a company or organisation whenever they need to share their experience and efforts of working in a project in order to showcase their work, feel proud and appreciated by everyone else, boost their confidence. A tool to prove -first- to yourself and then to others that your work matters.

  • SME/SME Connect

    1. Connect SME:s from each unit to enable new solutions and growth

  • Walk the talk

    Become more consequent in showing what we believe in and work for through our own everyday actions - show don’t tell.
    (e.g. no more taxis for the city of Copenhagen)

  • Live as we learn

    As Frontrunners for sustainable innovation, we should lead by example by stopping doing certain things, and supporting the solutions / alternatives that replace the old with the new.

  • Diversity application AYCA

    For startups or traditional companies that want to make different ant impact

  • Inclusionary media tool

    Anyone with computer access can use this tool to find the DHR community. They will be encouraged to become a member and give input on how to improve inclusivity in the built environment. This isn’t just for people with physical disabilities—DHR especially wants to hear from diverse age groups, genders, country origins, etc! The media tool offers access to many languages, and lets people know about a variety of services DHR offers.

  • Coffe breaker

    Preconceived opinions about each other are broken as we become interested in each other. The ones you don't usually talk to, have a cup of coffee and ask questions. You see more villa you are and can create a nice working environment.


    The model is supposed to encourage an all inclusive city for people from different cultures by creating social halls and meeting centres where people can showcase / explain their background thereby promoting and appreciating different cultures.

  • Swedish companies system

    This is a website/mobile app which people who would like to set up a company in Sweden to enable them be we’ll informed about companies’ policies details and also the government agencies to support such companies by providing trainings and in spot support.

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