Collection of ideas

Ideas and suggestions

From your perspective as an entrepreneur, what is needed for us to be able to have an effective collaboration between the City of Stockholm and the business community to develop Stockholm into a sustainable city with a good living environment? The collection of ideas runs until 30 June 2019.

Idéer och förslag

Utifrån ditt perspektiv som företagare, vad behövs för att vi ska kunna ha en effektiv samverkan mellan Stockholms stad och näringslivet för att utveckla Stockholm till en hållbar stad med en god livsmiljö? Idéinsamlingen pågår fram till 30 juni 2019.

Faced with so-called industrial composts

Prior to so-called industrial composts for food waste for corporate waste. At several of our destinations, there are today a lot of take-away food, disposable materials and so on. These packaging must not be disposed of in food waste, even if they are made of organically degradable materials. If Stockholm city instead procured industrial-poor composts where biodegradable numerous and visits etc. were sorting, the amounts of organic waste would increase and become combustible.