Make it to the green light - innovate civic flows

Existing innovation: implement and cultivate innovation through nudging/ incitement


1 Challenge to solve: digitize Europe's train network

Traveling by train in Europe is both complicated and expensive. It is more expensive than both air and car, but the most climate smart. Why is it not as easy as flying? It has the opportunity to be both more comfortable and efficient.


Beware! Facilitera nästa steg

Främjande strategi: vara medveten om behoven stakeholders/ användare/ partners har efter ett samarbete och facilitera det som del inom uppdraget.


SME/SME Connect

1. Connect SME:s from each unit to enable new solutions and growth


Walk the talk

Become more consequent in showing what we believe in and work for through our own everyday actions - show don’t tell.
(e.g. no more taxis for the city of Copenhagen)


Live as we learn

As Frontrunners for sustainable innovation, we should lead by example by stopping doing certain things, and supporting the solutions / alternatives that replace the old with the new.